CHEYENNE – A developer is building a community of multi-family residences between Yellowstone Road and Main Street on the city’s north side.

According to Jason Stephen, owner of Gateway Construction LLC, the initial phase of the project, known as North Gate Village, calls for construction of five units of four-plexes along Main Street. The second phase incorporates four additional buildings along Yellowstone Road.

“We’ve had a lot of people come to us, asking if we have any rental units or apartments that we’re planning to build,” Stephen said. “We’ve built some in the past and had really good luck with those. We thought that we could make an improvement to the north side of town and provide some nice apartments for people, as well.”

The first phase of the project has a projected completion date of spring 2020, Stephen said.

All units will have rear-loaded single-car garages, and in addition to providing living units, Stephen said North Gate Village will be a “beautifully landscaped property.”

“One of the developer’s priorities with this project was to make sure the new vegetation not only replaced the existing mature trees, but that it is abundant and sustainable,” he said. “The new landscape plan provides for sod, rock beds, a gazebo and a variety of approximately 24 new trees, with abundant shrubs and grasses.”

The 1.6-acre site across Yellowstone Road from Davis Elementary is bordered on the west by Main Street, on the north by North Gate Avenue, on the east by Yellowstone Road and on the south by Prairie Hills Drive.

The former buildings at that location were recently demolished, and a construction fence has been erected at the site.

According to a 2018 city document, the lot is currently zoned medium density residential with 14 residential units. But the property’s owner and developer, Yellowstone Vistas LLC, is proposing a zoning change that would allow for multi-family housing on both halves of the property.

Charles Bloom, the city’s planning and development department director, confirmed in an email Thursday that a pending request is under review for a zone change for the future phase of the project.

A 2018 memo from AVI Cheyenne, a local engineering and planning firm, to the city says the project will generate additional tax revenue as lots are built out, and “will also provide new housing options for the existing and future residents of Cheyenne.”

The memo also states that the development is close to the nearby Greater Cheyenne Greenway and “to shopping and restaurants, making it the ideal location for urban residential.”

Steve Knight is the Wyoming Tribune Eagle’s local government reporter. He can be reached at 307-633-3182.

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