LARAMIE – Dr. Jonathan Brant, director and research lead for Civil and Architectural Engineering at the Center of Excellence in Produced Water Management (CEPWM) at the University of Wyoming, announced their new grant from the Department of Energy to develop technology to clean oilfield produced/by-product water, according to a news release.

The approximately $1.5 million grant project will manufacture two different nanostructured membranes using an electrospinning/spraying technique and develop a two-stage process for cleaning water for reuse and recovering challenging compounds and oil from produced water. The prototype processes may be immediately integrated into existing management systems in the Greater Green River Basin to simultaneously improve economics and reduce the environmental footprint of existing pit storage systems.

Encore Green Environmental, an agricultural midstream company, is partnered with CEPWM. “We applaud the work of Dr. Brant and his team at the center. We are like-minded in understanding the need for new and better solutions to the status quo method of disposing of this water. We’d rather see that water cleaned and then put to work for conservation and ag,” EGE CEO Marvin Nash said in the release.

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