CHEYENNE – The Veterans Affairs National Cemetery Administration has acquired land in Cheyenne for a new veterans burial ground national cemetery, and it is seeking name suggestions from the local veteran and military community.

National cemeteries may only be named for the geographic area in which the facility is located. Names for new national cemeteries will be based on three criteria:

The name helps identify the location of the cemetery site.

The name has broad appeal to the veteran population.

The name provides a positive impression through its relation to history, region, community or other notable geographic features.

The cemetery will be located on the northern side of Polo Ranch Road and eastern side of Hildreth Road.

The NCA recommends the name “Cheyenne National Cemetery” best meets the criteria. What do you think? Please submit your suggestion or opinion by Dec. 20 to: Dave Zimmerman, Continental District Office, NCA, 155 Van Gordon St., Lakewood, CO 80228. Email:

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