CHEYENNE – The Wyoming Department of Education is seeking public comment on proposed revisions to Chapter 38 rules concerning changes to the Hathaway Success Curriculum, which students are required to take in order to earn a Hathaway Scholarship.

As a result of the passage of Senate Enrolled Act 20 earlier this year, students now have more options for meeting the Hathaway elective requirements. The proposed rules reflect these new provisions.

Prior to the new law, students were required to complete two years of a foreign language in sequence, plus two years of either fine arts, career and technical education or additional foreign language, in order to qualify for an Honors or Performance Scholarship. Now students must complete four years total of foreign language, fine and performing arts, or career and technical education. Students must take at least two years of related courses in sequence. In addition, one year of high school coursework taken prior to high school may satisfy one year of the four year requirement.

For 2019 and 2020 high school graduates, students can take either the current Success Curriculum or the new amended curriculum. The new Success Curriculum will take full effect in the 2021 school year.

The public comment period on the proposed rule revisions will be open through Oct. 6. Comments can be submitted online or mailed to Wyoming Department of Education, Attn: Jennifer LaHiff, 122 W. 25th St., Suite E200, Cheyenne, WY 82002.

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