Jade Campbell

CHEYENNE – A local woman is charged with child endangerment after allegedly smoking methamphetamine in the presence of her infant son.

Jade Campbell, 25, is facing one count of child endangerment with felony enhancements after Laramie County detectives received an anonymous video of a woman smoking what is believed to be methamphetamine with her then-6-month-old son in the room.

According to court documents:

On June 6, detectives received an email with a video attached stating “a friend of mine sent me this video of a mother smoking meth with her 6-month-old son in the room with her,” identifying Campbell’s name and address. The person who sent the email asked detectives if they could remain anonymous.

The video showed a woman holding a glass-water bong containing a light brown liquid and white “rock-type” substance in the bowl. The woman in the video used a lighter to heat up the substance and smoke it.

Detectives then visited 3008 Terry Road #64 and asked for Campbell. A woman on the porch identified herself as Campbell and detectives believed her to be the woman in the video.

While talking to Campbell and other residents, detectives noted the trailer was messy and cluttered, with dishes and other items all over the counter and floor. Campbell said she and her son live in a bedroom west of the kitchen, which detectives say was the room in the video. It included a crib where her son sleeps.

Campbell told detectives she had used drugs in the past, including methamphetamine, but said she’d never used drugs in front of her child because it’s “not a great environment.” She added that people who use drugs in front of their children “should go to jail.”

The woman then said her ex-boyfriend brought over a glass pipe in March and recorded her smoking a vape in the room she shares with her son. When detectives told her vape isn’t usually smoked out of a meth bong, Campbell said her ex-boyfriend slipped meth in the vape without telling her.

According to a probable cause affidavit, detectives told Campbell she would have known what she was smoking given her past drug use. Campbell said smoking a pipe in front of her son was wrong.

If convicted, she could face a maximum of five years in prison and/or a $5,000 fine.

Chrissy Suttles is the Wyoming Tribune Eagle’s business and health reporter. She can be reached at csuttles@wyomingnews.com or 307-633-3183. Follow her on Twitter at @chrissysuttles.

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