CHEYENNE – Todd Fornstrom, president of the Wyoming Farm Bureau Federation, testified Tuesday before the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, which is chaired by Sen. John Barrasso.

Fornstrom was testifying before the committee at a hearing titled “A Review of Waters of the U.S. Regulations: Their Impact on States and the American People.”

Barrasso introduced Fornstrom to the committee prior to his testimony “I will take the privilege of introducing Todd Fornstrom who is here and has served as the president of the Wyoming Farm Bureau Federation since November 2016,” Barrasso said.

In his written testimony, Fornstrom outlined the deep interest Farm Bureau members have in water quality.

“Farm Bureau members deeply value protecting water resources because their farms and ranches are water-dependent enterprises. On a personal level, I am deeply protective of water quality because I raised my family drinking from a well on our farm. Simply put, farmers and ranchers need water, which is why their operations typically are located on lands where there is abundant rainfall or at least adequate water available for irrigation,” he said.

Fornstrom also detailed the Farm Bureau’s belief that the Trump administration’s 2019 proposed WOTUS rule would protect waters.

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