CHEYENNE – With more cultural and humanities organizations across the state continuing to strengthen their projects and operations in 2021, Wyoming Humanities is proud to share that it has provided thousands of dollars in Spark Grants to two more organizations.

Projects are selected based on communities’ needs and programs designed to spark new insights and perspectives. Funding is provided through the Wyoming Department of State Parks and Cultural Resources. Grantees, who receive up to $2,000 with this opportunity, provide equal or greater matching funds and in-kind contributions. WYH grants generate significant social and economic impact five times greater than state funding. The newest recipients are:

Big Horn Historical Society – At the All -American Indian Days Remembrance Event this July, grant funds will provide historical and cultural presentations by humanities scholars, examining perspectives on the honoring and promoting of Indian culture, encouraging better race relations, addressing injustices, and fostering egalitarian ideals.

Wyoming Wildlife Federation – To further the idea of civic engagement, the grants funds for this project will help create a series of legislative literacy videos using historical and current wildlife examples as a lens.

For more information about Wyoming Humanities and its grant programs, visit

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