CHEYENNE – The League of Women Voters of Wyoming believes that voting is a fundamental right that must be encouraged and protected, according to a news release.

“The Wyoming Legislature is considering bills that will discourage voting and add expense for the public and the state. All this to address phantom voter fraud. We oppose these bills and any other late-comers that would further restrict how we can vote,” said a statement from the organization sent out Friday.

The headline on KPVI, a Pocatello station, was “Voter fraud is rarer [in Wyoming] than UFO sightings.” The Brennan Center for Justice estimates that an American is more likely “to be struck by lightning than that he will impersonate another voter at the polls.” The Heritage Foundation agrees. It doesn’t list a conviction for voter fraud in Wyoming since 2014.

HB 75, Voter Fraud-Prevention, requiring an ID when voting, tries to solve a problem that doesn’t exist, according to the LWV.

“Wyoming residents show an ID when they register. That’s sufficient,” the statement continued. “We do have a problem, though. One third of the recent legislative races were decided in the primary. Only one third of the voting age population participated in the 2020 primary. We need more voters, not more barriers.”

LWV of Wyoming also opposes {span}House Bill 194, Ballot Harvesting, according to the release.

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