The Laramie County Sheriff’s Department, in cooperation with the Wyoming Tribune Eagle, advises residents that state law requires notification if a registered sex offender is living within a minimum of 750 feet of certain areas.

Those areas include residences and organizations within the community such as schools, churches and religious and/or youth organizations.

This is not a complete listing of all sex offenders, but reflects the most current updated address information. The below-referenced website can be accessed for more complete prior postings. If you have any additional questions, you also can contact the Laramie County Sheriff’s Department at 307-633-4733.

Additionally, any person who uses this information or information accessed through the Wyoming Sex Offenders Registry site to harass any individual – including the registrants or their family members – or who otherwise misuse this information may be subject to criminal prosecution or civil liability under federal and/or state law.

No determination has been made that any individual included in the registry is currently dangerous; individuals included in the registry are included solely by virtue of their conviction record and state law. The main purpose of providing information on the internet and through the newspaper is to ensure information is publicly available and accessible, not to warn about any specific individual.

Go to then click on the Sex Offender Search link near the bottom of the page for specific information on the listed offenders below (Note: All are from Cheyenne, unless otherwise noted).

Joshua Eric Anderson Jr. – 4703 King Arthur Way

Mark Allen Blythe – 1607 Carey Ave., Apt. 310

Kirk Elmer Broberg Jr. – 322 W. 17th St.

Trevor Daniel Cabrera – 600 W. 30th St.

Richard Howell Forth (aka McCarty) – 1005 Alice Court

Max Magin Gauna III – 811 Walterscheid Blvd.

Richard Anthony Gonzales – 1504 Stinson Ave.

Charles Richard Hays – 416 W. Fox Farm Road, Room 110

Angel Elisabeth King – 67 Interstate 25 Service Road

Fernando Lopez – 322 W. 17th St.

Phillip Henry Moralez – 326 Snyder Ave.

Vernon Alan Nelson – 12500 Interstate 80 Service Road, Room 103

Francisco Villarreal Ortiz – 403 South Greeley Highway, Room 105

Troy Allen Ostboe – 322 W. 17th St.

Justin Trey Pope – 3528 Burns Ave.

Chad Thomas Reinhart – Transient in Laramie County

Aubrey Conward Rozell Jr. – Transient in Laramie County

Philip Jay Scales – 3800 E. Lincolnway, Room 2

Travis Kent Schamp – Transient in Laramie County

Anthony Lee Schmidt – 111 W. Third Ave.

Wayne Lee Schmidt – Transient in Laramie County

Ricky Joseph Scott – Transient in Laramie County

Scott Micheal Struble – 3318 Duff Ave., Apt. 3

Adam Scott Underwood – 2412 E. 12th St.

James David Whitaker – 111 W. Third Ave.

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