Tuebner, Stephanie (2019, Blue FCU CEO)

Stephanie Tuebner

I was born and raised in Cheyenne, a true Wyoming girl. My hopes and dreams for all Wyoming women started with me when I was a little girl.

I’ve always been inspired by our predecessors, like Nellie Tayloe Ross. I’ve been blessed to be raised by parents that instilled basic beliefs in oneself. It’s easy to preach, but I believe in practicing what you preach.

When I reflect and look at my life, both personally and professionally, I think back to when I started out as a teller at a local bank. I remember dreaming of what it would be like to be a CEO/president of a financial institution, as well as having a family of my own. That set my plan in motion; both my undergrad and graduate degrees are in finance and economics from the University of Wyoming. I’m the mom of two amazing young men that bring me so much joy.

The future of women in Wyoming is all about making your own opportunity and taking advantage of that opportunity in front of you. I have been given opportunities and have proven myself in a male-dominated role.

Working to open doors for women in all fields and encouraging young women to gain confidence and the belief they can accomplish anything by opening their own doors will strengthen us all. I live by always challenging oneself where believing what’s impossible is possible and what’s possible will happen.

I don’t set goals, as goals are setting limits. I set authentic aspirations, where my guidance is to be true to oneself, as credibility is of the utmost importance.

Stephanie Tuebner is president and CEO of Blue Federal Credit Union, based in Cheyenne.

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