WyoFile columnist Kerry Drake should indicate that presidential candidate U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont has more than one flaw that may turn Wyoming Democrats, and all Wyoming voters, away.

First, in a recent televised interview, Mr. Sanders refused to state he would actively support Democratic candidates running for any office.

When continually pressed, he finally stated: “We’ll see down the road.”

In Mr. Sanders’ heart, he is not a Democrat.

Second, the independent Tax Policy Center report indicates Mr. Sanders would raise federal taxes for all citizens.

The report states: “His proposals would raise taxes on work, saving and investment, in some cases to rates well beyond recent historical experience in the U.S.”

Third: The Center for Responsible Federal Budget, another independent organization, now indicates that Mr. Sanders’ health-care plan will not pay for itself but rather result in a $3 trillion deficit in 10 years.

Fourth: Mr. Sanders has been in Congress since 1991. He is not an outsider. He is just a registered independent.

The other candidate, Hillary Clinton, has been a responsible, active Democrat, supporting the issues of families, children, minorities, workers, women and all Americans.

A vote for Bernie will definitely have us feel the burn in our pockets and in our lives.

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