Since the attack on the World Trade Center, we have wasted billions of dollars on useless knee jerk reactions to the Islamic terror threat both here and abroad while often ignoring some of the more real threats here at home.

I ran a military intelligence shop here in Cheyenne after 9-11 and was present during weekly meetings of state, local and federal entities concerned with our new buzz phrase, “homeland security.” People seemed obsessed with somebody bombing a University of Wyoming football game or attacking an F.E. Warren Air Force Base nuclear site.

First, nearly all targets have some unique significance. The Twin Towers were attacked twice for what they represented. War Memorial Stadium is not something a terrorist group will go out of its way to attack.

Secondly, F.E. Warren AFB nuclear silos, while excellent targets for protests, are just too hard a target for a terrorist group to attack. They make great targets for protesters who want to get arrested trying to climb fences, but terrorists nearly always avoid such well-hardened targets.

Laramie County Sheriff Danny Glick should know the biggest threat in Laramie County is not from Muslim extremists but rather from militia and other right-wing groups. This is something the FBI has acknowledged itself and is borne out by the statistics.

Even though Islamic terrorism has received the most news from the press, there have been far more bombings, arson, shootings and murder in the United States from right-wing extremist groups than Islamists.

Right after the Towers fell there was tons of intelligence traffic about Arabs buying bomb material and Arabs coming in from Mexico photographing infrastructure. All of these citizen reports turned out to be innocent activities of Hispanic Americans or Mexican tourists in the U.S.

By not mentioning this threat and only spreading fear of Muslims, Mr. Glick is fueling the fire of ethno-religious hatred that the Islamic State claims it wants to foster in the West and could help bring about a repeat of those same racist reports.

He is, in fact, doing the bidding of ISIS while aiding and comforting the enemy.

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