Elizabeth Dillow FILE

Elizabeth Dillow

Anyone who knows me knows my love of sports is anchored in ball sports: baseball, basketball, football. I came later to a passion and appreciation for gymnastics and rodeo, and every few years I’m happy to get up to speed on all things Olympics.

NASCAR, however, eludes me. I know there are … cars. I do not know exactly how it all works, beyond understanding the cars look different than the ones used in other races, like the Indianapolis 500. (Do they drive 500 miles? Honest question.) NASCAR-ignorance aside, I’ve not been able to get this past week’s events in Talladega, Alabama, out of my head.

Elizabeth Dillow is a writer, photographer and designer in Cheyenne. While waiting for the abbreviated MLB season to begin, she might give NASCAR a try. She can be reached at edillow@mac.com.

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