There’s a good reason the American mass media, and most especially the press, has never been less respected in our country than it is today. Political homogeneity manifesting itself in extreme left-wing bias, patronizing pedantry, sloppy logic, hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance has always been with us. But to have the Fourth Estate continually doubling down on such nonsense is a national scandal.

If you want to see a classic illustration of this problem, go back and look at the WTE’s Nov. 3rd staff editorial, “Wyoming Women: We need you to run for office.” It’s a good idea promoted for all the wrong reasons. It starts out with a predictable list of liberal charges: no one encourages women to run; society is too patriarchal; Wyoming is in the bottom five states with female elected officials; not much changes; most of our problems remain unresolved.

Harlan Edmonds is a former Wyoming legislator and writes from Cheyenne. He can be reached at

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