According to the American Psychiatric Association, “An estimated 80% of those with learning disorders have reading disorder in particular (commonly referred to as dyslexia).”

In this article, we hope to clarify a few misconceptions related to the diagnosis of dyslexia, the use of the word dyslexia by schools, and screening for signs of or risk factors related to developing dyslexia. Misinformation about these topics is an unnecessary source of conflict and frustration between families and schools.

Heather Fleming is co-founder of the nonprofit WY Lit. She is a certified structured literacy teacher and will complete her master’s degree in Reading Science at Mount St. Joseph University in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 2020. She provides a variety of training for educators and parents of struggling readers. Email:

Kari Roden is co-founder of WY Lit. She is currently an intensive reading interventionist in Laramie County School District 1. Her expertise is in dyslexia and individualized, data-driven instruction for struggling readers. Email:

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