Terrence Manning

It’s an old adage in business that the hardest customer to get is the customer you used to have. Once you’ve lost someone’s trust in your brand, persuading them to return is nearly impossible.

In the case of Wyoming coal, we can drop the word “nearly.” The customers we lose now, we will never get back. Energy exports are vital to Wyoming: Over 30% of the state’s gross domestic product is related to mining. But plant by plant, operation by operation, electrical generation across the nation is turning away from coal.

Terrence Manning, who serves as chief executive officer for and investor in Glenrock Energy, LLC., has 40 years of project management and technical project experience, which encompasses expertise in due diligence, evaluation, capital project leadership and implementation of complicated multidiscipline assignments in the following employment themes: Upstream asset optimization, sustainable hydrocarbon development, carbon capture & EOR, and low-carbon electrical power generation.

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