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Bob Norris

The three “Basic” Big Salvation Words (Justification, Sanctification and Forgiveness) lay the foun- dation of what salvation contains for the Christian. The three “R” Big Salvation Words (Reconciliation, Redemption and Regeneration) add depth and clarity to what salvation means for the person who trusts Christ as savior from sin and hell.

Many non-Christians are surprised at the first of these “R” Big Salvation Words, “reconciliation.” Like many non-Christians, before I came to Christ, I was unaware that I needed to be reconciled to God. I believed there was a god of some sort, and I assumed I was in his good favor.

Bob Norris is a former pastor at Meadowbrooke Church and Calvary Chapel in Cheyenne. He has a Master of Theology from Dallas Seminary. He can be reached by email at

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