I read the article written by Rodger McDaniel on Feb. 21 titled "Senator Barrasso surprised by who he meets at the Pearly Gates." Sorry, Rodger, but I have a very different vision of what our senator was surprised at when he reached the Pearly Gates.

First, he met the keeper of the gate, St. Peter. Sen. Barrasso was recognized as the man especially chosen to represent the people of Wyoming in Washington, D.C., because of his talents, his education, his personality and his willingness to help.

The Pearly Gates were open, and Sen. Barrasso was surprised to meet up with a young man who had been ill for a very long time. His mother could not afford the medical bills. The senator helped him get SSI and Medicare. Behind the young man were a multitude of other people he had helped, but never advertised.

Eleanor Roosevelt, with her Universal Declaration of Human Rights; Governor Herschler; President George Bush Sr., whose advice our senator followed to use power and position to help people only, were also there.

If, as they claim, President Trump is the underdog, then I'm very proud of Sen. Barrasso for always supporting President Trump. Only a friend with a good character will support you when the chips are down.

Rodger ended his article by saying, "What good does it profit a man to gain the whole world, yet to forfeit their soul?" I say "Well done, our faithful servant" becomes our Senator Barrasso more.

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