Recently. in Sublette County, two puppies were found in a ravine with their legs zip-tied to immobilize them. Both dogs were emaciated, and one had a serious leg break almost two weeks old.

These puppies were lucky: They were found by kind people who rescued them, took them to the vet and gave them a home. Most abused animals are not so lucky: Their abuse is unknown, unseen or ignored. They suffer in pain and fear until death releases them.

This incident should remind us there are people in our community who are capable of extreme cruelty to animals. It is critically important to acknowledge that a person capable of inflicting intense pain on helpless, voiceless animals poses an equal threat to humans. This fact is well established, and is a hallmark of anti-social, unstable and dangerous behavior.

No Wyoming community is immune to animal cruelty. Animal control in many communities are aware of known serial abusers, but for a number of reasons are unable to bring them to justice.

As with all situations of abuse and neglect – animal or human – the responsibility for justice ultimately rests with us. This is why the Wyoming Coalition for Animal Protection was created. If you see or suspect an animal is being abused, report it. Check back to make sure the authorities have proceeded with their investigation. If your community does not have adequate ordinances to protect animals, work with your city council to create them.

Meet with your district/county attorneys about the importance of adjudicating animal cruelty cases. Our willingness to advocate for the well-being of companion animals is a reflection of who we are as a community and as human beings. DON’T LOOK AWAY!

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