Nick Reynolds' July 14 article "Lack of standards invites politics into Wyoming civics classes, critics say" inaccurately describes the Bill of Rights Institute (BRI) as a "partisan" organization.

The Bill of Rights Institute is a 21-year-old nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that currently serves a network of nearly 55,000 teachers of secondary social studies from across the country.

BRI believes strongly that the teaching of civics must not be a partisan effort if it is to best serve American students, and all of our programming and materials reflect that philosophy.

In fact, all of BRI's 4,000+ resources are created and vetted by current and former classroom teachers and by credentialed scholars from across the country and across the ideological spectrum. No politician, political party, elected official or donor writes or reviews any BRI materials, all of which are held to a strict standard of academic integrity.

In addition, BRI does not engage in political activity, nor does it endorse or support any candidates for political office.

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