The fallout of the power failure in Texas is a fundamental example of a national electric utility infrastructure lacking resiliency. The main culprits are executives and investors who push politics, rather than reality.

Lawmakers who embrace clean energy as it stands today without fossil fuels will push our clean electric grid dependence to the point of national power grid failure. It is a national security issue.

We must build electric baseload power supply with carbon capture, utilization and sequestration for coal. If we do not embrace this advance in science, we are doomed to crash the U.S. electric power grid in the near term with catastrophic consequences. Clean energy lacks resiliency unless carbon capture technology is added.

Coal has been phased down, and it is on its way out highly prematurely due to aggressive accounting methods with strong political overtones without proper regulatory oversight. Power companies take advantage of building cheaper natural gas power plants, falsely claiming they are baseload power. Natural gas power is supplied by pipelines without storage capacity on site. Cyberattacks on pipelines are real and increasingly of concern. When power fails, so do sanitary sewer systems, drinking water wells, hospitals, schools and businesses.

Nuclear power is a great source of power. Yet, the experimental facility recently touted for a future build is less than 10% of the existing baseload power being shut down by PacifiCorp in Wyoming, leaving rural communities scrambling for hope.

Additionally, most clean energy depends on battery storage capacity, which is limited severely in the U.S. China controls well over 90% of rare earth minerals mining. From a national security perspective, this bleeds into our defense posture and our capacity to withstand cyberattacks.

Coal can be clean, and resilient, which is what we need in a world of cyberattacks and as we continue to develop technology. Clean energy has Achilles heels that cannot be wished away. Wyoming is home to natural resources that literally keeps the lights and power on. Coal is fundamental to the needs of the national electric grid. CCUS must be implemented. It is a national security issue.

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