We in Black's Replat (northwest of the old Montgomery Ward store) can sympathize with the folks complaining about flooding in the Fremont Avenue/East 11th Street area ("Locals frustrated by unresolved flooding," WTE, Sept. 1).

During heavy rains, ridiculous amounts of water pour off the vast parking lots owned by Wyoming Financial Properties into our neighborhood to the north, flooding basements and gnawing mini-canyons in the alley to the west of that property, as well as flooding Pershing Boulevard to the south.

In the winter, runoff from the northwest parking lot creates ice sheets on Second Avenue up to a third of a street wide and 8 inches thick at the gutter, posing a danger to children playing and walking to school, and other pedestrians, as well as to drivers. Of course, the residents are responsible (and liable) for this ice hazard, because it is being deposited on their sidewalks and driveways.

Despite repeated visits with, and a number of letters to, the city engineer, with copies to Wyoming Financial Properties and statements about this when there has been opportunity for public comment about improvements to that property, nothing has been done to remedy this damaging and dangerous situation.

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