I differ with Nate Breen’s comments about LCSD1 Board meeting on Aug. 16. Being a civics teacher, he ironically called the parents’ constitutional right to protest the curriculum’s liberal direction an “outrageous exposition of bad behavior and incivility.”

He oversimplified CRT’s motives as “a more inclusive teaching of U.S. history and civics,” ignoring its racial divisiveness. Does he believe that all white teachers are guilty of ‘spirit murdering’ black children? Does he support separating first-graders into groups of “white oppressors” and “black oppressed”?

Breen patronizingly explained the parents’ equivocating some books to “The Other,” Satan and Evil, stating “the other side sees itself as the true American patriots who will fight to their last breath against the Evil. Folks, this kind of thinking isn’t far off from Jim Jones … or David Koresh …”

Has Breen read the book “Not My Idea” being taught to first graders in 30 school districts in 15 states? The Devil, the main character, says whiteness is inherently evil, therefore all white children are his demons.

Smacks of the Marxists’ and Islamic extremists’ mantra that America is the “Great Satan,” which needs to be destroyed.

By scoffing at the reality of Satan’s power, Breen revealed his historical gap about the Satanic Movement that swept through this region in the late 1980’s. (Wyoming Education Association News, Aug-Sept 1989: “Satanism. A frightening topic. Some people don’t take it serious.")

Mary Moran, Memorial Hospital counselor, estimated that there are about 90 children in the Capital city who are involved in Satanism.

Cheyenne Police Detective Mary Neese says the problem is widespread in Wyoming … she estimates in the Rocky Mountain region, there are as many as 2,000 people involved.”

Satanists recruited young teens through newspaper ads, but were stopped from establishing a Satanic church in Laramie.

A California police officer talked about crimes connected with the cult. She defined Satanism as “Love of power.”

Jesus knew His enemy. When Satan tempted him to turn stones into bread, Jesus said, “We do not live by bread alone, calling Satan a liar and murderer.”

We must fight this evil to our last breath.

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