California (AKA Stupidfornia) recently passed legislation mandating that schools start later so students can get enough sleep and hopefully perform better in school.

Now Wyoming is also considering much the same. I agree that if students are not getting adequate sleep, then educational performance suffers. However, changing the school hours is NOT the solution.

Parents need to stop being PALS and start being PARENTS. I am not blind, and I see kids of all ages abusing their technology, with all sorts of crap, and staying up till 1 a.m., 2 a.m., 3 a.m., glued to their smartphone. No wonder they don’t get enough sleep.

A short and factual story: Our really smart daughter quickly realized that her very young teen daughter (our granddaughter) was abusing her technology. In order to finally get her attention, and fully recognizing the real need for phone contact between the two of them for many good reasons, she went to the cellphone store and bought the kid a flip phone. She took the smartphone away from her daughter and refused to give it back to her until she got her grades up. 

Granddaughter got the message. Graduated high school with a 4.0, got accepted to FSU and graduated from there in three years cum laude.

Dr. Spock was dead wrong. Parents need to be parents, not buddies.

P.S. If your kid will not respect parental authority, how can you expect them to respect any other authority, like teachers, law enforcement, etc.?

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