Just taking a moment to praise Congresswoman Cheney for having the courage to not blindly follow the GOP leadership.

I am often concerned about our local, state and national representatives blindly following the path set by the GOP. I know playing politics helps politicians get good photo opportunities and good committee positions, but as Wyomingites, we should be familiar with the perils of blindly following. Why? We have a perfect example in the Vore Buffalo Jump.

At the Wyoming Vore Buffalo Jump site, we can see what happens when you blindly follow others. Centuries ago, at this site, native tribes started driving bison into a natural sinkhole to acquire large amounts of meat and hides to be used for their own survival (Source: https://www.wyohistory.org/encyclopedia/vore-buffalo-jump). Our GOP representatives are the buffalo in this example, and we suffer when they blindly follow the herd. We need them to be informed, thoughtful and to act in the best interest of the voters.

I didn’t start out as a fan of Liz Cheney. Over time, that has changed. It began with my attending one of her “Coffee with Liz” meetings in Cheyenne. At that meeting, I found her to be intelligent, informed and thoughtful. She also demonstrated a great level of restraint, and the ability to provide a quick and carefully measured response to difficult questions. Not uncommon for someone in a political position.

What is uncommon is for a Wyoming Republican to take a stand that doesn’t align with the GOP leadership. This is what has won me over. Now, I hope to have the opportunity to vote for her in the 2024 presidential race.

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