Has the time come for the protection of the renter in Cheyenne?

A rental property owner may be justified in charging a deposit to protect his property. But rules need to be established as to his right to keep that deposit.

A simple and usual plan is for the renter and manager to do a joint walk-through at the end of the renter's cleaning/evacuation. The manager must be available for his posted hours for this, with agreement between renter and rental manager as to actual damage.

The owner/manager needs to provide basic safety in the bath, with no ban against installation of such protection; rather, provision should be made.

When the manager is owner/part owner, there may exist a conflict of interest. Dishonesty or greed may cause lazy dealing and invented reasons for keeping the deposit.

With the increasing numbers of apartments being built in Cheyenne, I think the Planning Department could help in this area.

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