After reading the article titled "Grandfathered In" on 11/10/21, I can relate to concerns about future construction in their area on Happy Jack Road.

We live on south Taft Avenue in Sun Valley, where a conditional use application was passed by the Board of Adjustment on Oct. 21 to allow six four-plex units to be built on Raleigh Drive. Several homeowners called in to object to this construction, since it would cause major traffic and congestion problems for not just the immediate area, but several other streets coming into the area.

Only people within a 300-foot radius were informed of this, even though it will affect hundreds of homeowners in the area that knew NOTHING of these plans. Several homeowners spoke at the meeting opposing this construction, but our voices fell on deaf ears of four members of the board that voted to OK this project, so obviously our concerns as residents and taxpayers of the area mean nothing to them.

It's pretty sad that the lifestyle and well-being of our residents is put in the hands of seven people that don't even live in the area in question. I guess if this project was proposed across the street from their homes, the vote would have been different! Hmm, something to ponder!

I was told by Casey Palma, the planning director, that this lot was platted for multi-family use in 1983! I'm sure they didn't mean four-plexes on such small lots! Several of us told the board that we are not opposed to single-family homes, duplexes or townhomes, but NOT 4-plexes! Raleigh Drive is on a dead-end street with one way in and one way out!

I agree completely that this city should have time limitations on development of land that has been purchased. I'm sure most people that develop these properties are not even from Cheyenne or even live in the state.

I understand there is a huge need for housing in Cheyenne, but there is a lot of open space where these type of projects can be built. PLEASE, listen to our concerns!

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