To the climate change enthusiasts:

One main issue you seem to have forgotten: Climate change has been going on for billions of years. If it wasn't for climate change, you wouldn't be here to protest.  

So, by your own statement, you want to get rid of the fossil fuel industry, etc. Has anyone even done a study on how much carbon dioxide is put into the atmosphere by every living, breathing entity on the planet?

The statements you make on methane are ludicrous. Those same living, breathing entities put out more methane than cattle in the world. So the student who went to the U.N. and chastised them with the statement of "shame on you" was right! Shame on you for living, breathing, eating, procreating, etc. Are you ready to give up breathing, eating and procreating? Using all of your hi-tech social media equipment, your designer clothes or automobiles? I think not. 

No matter what form of energy you choose, somewhere along the way, the industry will need to be utilized. So instead of being Chicken Little, yelling that the sky is falling, it is time to learn how to adapt to climate change. You will be much further ahead.

It was climate change that ended the last ice age, so warming has been going on for thousands of years. 

As the poles warm, more moisture can be utilized, increasing the copious amounts of snowfall needed to rebuild those massive snowcaps.

If it wasn't for climate change, we would be dancing with dinosaurs, not wolves. Study the movie "The Day After Tomorrow."

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