Thank you for that excellent op-ed column “Congress needs to expand support for Global Fund," regarding the Global Fund to Fight HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis (TB) and Malaria.

A total of 289 people in Wyoming were living with HIV (the virus which causes AIDS) in 2015, the majority being white males ( And this state's TB rate for 2017 was just a small fraction of the national rate.

But while these infectious diseases don’t loom large in Wyoming, the Global Fund increases stability in already fragile countries. Every dollar invested in the Global Fund results in $19 in health gains and economic returns. This strategic health funding enables economic development, trade and stronger workforces. Disease is both a cause and effect of poverty. Over 50% of our exports are purchased by developing countries. When they grow, we grow.

Did you know that we spend one fourth of 1% of our federal budget on global health? Yet the Trump administration has proposed slashing the Global Fund’s monetary allotment. The Global Fund is a “best buy” on many levels. We need to support it.

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