Yes, yes, yes!

The WTE editorial published Oct. 3 (I'm a little late on the draw) about the water issues here in Cheyenne and Laramie County is absolutely relevant and concerning.

Some of the Happy Jack community has been meeting to discuss the same issues. The Whispering Hills development was approved in 1978, and even though it has switched hands at least twice and never had a traffic study, riding on an expired water study, drains natural resources and brings up fire and safety concerns, this development is being pushed through on very little to no updated regulations or current studies.

It is absurd to think that this (one of many) development is not going to harm the Laramie County community in the very near future, with the top harm coming from draining our already limited resources.

The commissioners have sat stagnantly by, barely acknowledging that these issues need to be re-examined and addressed. It's absolutely detestable that they ride on the coattails of very outdated state regulations and do not press further.

This will matter tremendously when voters visit the polls when it's time to elect our advocates for the people. We expect the commissioners to do their job and use what authority they have to make the changes that need to happen for the sake and sustainability of this community.

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