I have a problem. The curbing and apron and some of my sidewalk is eroding at a fantastic rate. Soon, the rabbits and squirrels will have an Olympic-sized swimming pool. I have been told that this area is my responsibility. 

I live in the city. When I had my driveway replaced, I wanted to have the entry repaired. I was told that was impossible, because the city was responsible for it, and my current contractor couldn't touch it. I thought that was correct until I contacted the city through the internet, and they told me I was responsible for it.

My neighbors have repaired some of their holes, but the entire area needs to be done. Some of the DIY are concrete repairs, at least one is tar.

I read in the newspaper that Mayor Orr had asked for some money to repair this type of problem. 

OK, which is correct? Even if I repair my portion of the street, the rest of it is not in good condition; and because we are located on a hill, even filling in some of the potholes is only a stop-gap.

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