If you are thinking about voting for any candidate promoting socialism or communism, think again, especially if you are a millennial. One in three millennials see socialism as favorable, and seven out of 10 see capitalism as unfavorable.

So those of you who think socialism or communism would be good for America, here are five reasons they will destroy America, and your life:

1. More than a million people were killed in the 20th century by socialist and communistic regimes. The same thing will happen in America – mass genocide by the government to us, the people.

2. In the Soviet Republic, people stood in line for hours to get food, and in Venezuela, people cannot find enough food, and they burn their money because it does not buy anything.

3. In Cuba, people have to bring their own supplies to the hospital such as blankets, light bulbs, etc., and surgical instruments are not sterile, and medications are rare. The rich elites, read politicians, etc., go to other countries that have quality health care, while their citizens die due to lack of quality health care.

4. In Venezuela, Cuba and other socialist/communist countries, you can be shot or imprisoned for criticizing the government. In the old Soviet Union, the gulags were full of dissidents, and many people just “disappeared.” The same thing will happen in America if the Democrat socialists gain power in Washington, D.C. There is no free speech, press, religion or other freedoms in these types of regimes. What is the old “Golden Rule" saying: “He who has the gold makes the rules!” You can forget about constitutional rights – they will vaporize under a Democratic socialist/communist government.

5. Socialism and communism have never worked, no matter when, where or how they have been tried by any country. They have failed in the Soviet Union, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, Cambodia, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Romania, etc., and it will not work here in America, no matter what Bernie Sanders, AOC or any Democrat says. Study well the candidates, forget the MSM, think wisely and don’t vote for any socialist candidate in 2020. 

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