The Wyoming Epilepsy Association is dedicated to improving the quality of life for Wyomingites living with epilepsy, seizure disorders, developmental disabilities and other health-related disability issues. Medicines and medical treatments are vital to epilepsy patients, so it is imperative that those in need of financial assistance get the support they need from our local health-care system.

The 340B drug discount program was created in 1992 with the intention of assisting the neediest and most vulnerable patients. By subsidizing the cost of medicines for the organizations providing care, patients would ideally have increased access to affordable prescription medicines. The program has led to some success stories, but as time has gone on, the program has not been serving patients in the optimal way it could.

Some of the hospitals participating in the program are pocketing revenue for purposes other than to help improve health outcomes for the most vulnerable patients and their communities. A study found that for more than one-third of 340B hospitals, charity care currently represents less than one percent of those hospitals’ total patient costs.

The Wyoming Epilepsy Association wants to ensure that epilepsy patients in our state have access to the medications and care they need at an affordable cost. We need to work with Congress and the Administration so that the 340B program can return to its original purpose, properly serving patients in our state and across the country.

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