While the Cheyenne Animal Shelter was having an issue, so was the YMCA. The difference was the CAS made the front page of the newspaper (for many days); the YMCA had a paragraph somewhere in the paper. (Editor’s note: A full story about the YMCA situation was printed on page A1 on Sunday, Sept. 23.)

The issue for the CAS was about a puppy, the issue for the YMCA was about child abuse.

Mr. Fecht was at the helm of CAS for many years. I do not know who is at the helm for YMCA. Protestors came out and people signed petitions for the CAS, but there were no protestors or people signing petitions for the YMCA – strange.

The board of CAS was chastised for not doing the right thing, and they lost a couple of members. There was no mention of what the board of the YMCA was doing. A police investigation was done regarding CAS; no police investigation was done regarding YMCA. Why?

The police report stated they recommended charging three people at CAS; two people were let go at YMCA. How many children did they abuse before they were let go?

Some people said it would take time to rebuild trust in CAS. What about the trust we give to YMCA to take care of our children?

The mayor and City Council jumped in with threats of taking over the shelter again; they don’t have enough on their plate? I think CAS was going a good job. Maybe they should leave it alone.

I really feel sad about how the puppy died, but I feel even sadder about the children who may have been traumatized for life at the hands of people of trust at the YMCA. It seems odd that we take more action against animal abuse than we do against child abuse.

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