The fire burned where our registers used to sit. Some of my early memories are of sitting here with my grandfather as he taught me how to figure tax and count back change. Someone decided to maliciously set fire to the memories and childhoods of everyone in our family for four generations.

This tragedy has been made more stressful and difficult by the heartless and thoughtless gossip speculating that one of us had anything to do with this. As if my father’s life wouldn’t have been in danger if the fire had spread further. As if the heartbreak didn’t send my grandmother to the hospital.

We are generally a very private family, but let me be very clear about a few things. We were closing so my parents and my grandmother could retire, not because of bankruptcy or a lack of sales. We have no debt on anything in our store, and we fully intended to repurpose the building, with several potential uses being discussed. We had no intention of tearing it down.

The contents of the store, if they cannot be salvaged, will be a complete loss.

Finally, we have fully, without hesitation, cooperated with all the investigators on this case, as we very much want the perpetrator to be caught and brought to justice. Our family wants answers as to who would do this and why.

We are forever grateful to Laramie County Fire Districts 1 and 2, Laramie County Sheriff’s Office, Cheyenne Police Department and American Medical Response for their quick and thorough response to our family’s tragedy. Their actions prevented our losses from being much worse. Thank you.

We are also grateful to our fellow citizens who saw the fire and called 911 to report it. Without them, the fire would have likely spread much further before we were aware of it. We are grateful for all our friends, customers and community members that have shown their love and support during this difficult time.

We ask that if anyone has any information, please call Sgt. Mosbacher at 307-633-4877.

Sincerely, the Hedrick and Rojas families from The Supply Sergeant on Ridge Road

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