The first and primary duty of government is to protect those it governs. It is why we celebrate freedom and honor the military and fathers.

The national reaction to fear is self-protection. To respond to fear with protecting others, making others valuable, is a learned response that is mentored and displayed first in a family, then in school and community. The present self-protection mode of a me-first culture modeled by the elite, media, too many politicians, many large businesses, the LGBTQ community, white supremacists, Planned Parenthood and several others is rooted in the lack of the awe of God and corresponding God-honoring family structures. Toxic masculinity and toxic femininity are both rooted in self protection combined with a lust for power over others.

Valuing others over oneself is why we honor fathers, mothers, dignitaries, the military and first responders. While the result of operating in self-protection mode often leaves my freedom violating others' freedom. In contrast, by valuing others and God, one can then find real value and freedom. 

At the core, our Constitution recognizes that it is God who gives life and dignity to humans and all of creation. The purpose of our government is to protect that life and dignity, not give license for a segment or group of our culture to take away the life, dignity or freedom of another part of our culture.

In the smallest community of our culture, that is the family, the father is set up by God to have the role of protecting the life and dignity of the small community. When that doesn't happen, the fruit is many of the problems our culture is experiencing. Now and always, those fathers who protect their families and others are worthy of being honored.

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