A good number of articles about water depletion have been reported in the Wyoming Tribune Eagle this year, including three in just the past few weeks. Added concern to Wyoming is that other states use some of Wyoming’s water supply. Now, combine that with industrial contaminants that affect people, land, water and air. Not good.

For several years, landowners and residents of Granite Caňon resisted a Colorado company’s (Asphalt Specialties Company Inc.) request to establish a quarry in the area that would be detrimental in its initial stage and increasingly so as it expands at least tenfold. The request was denied by the Laramie County commissioners and a district court based on local signed and approved plans; state statutes; and expert testimony from first responders, engineers and scientists of various types, environmentalists and area business owners.

Candidate for Congress Harriet Hageman allowed ASCI to hire her. After losing the case before the district court, she continued to represent it before the Wyoming Supreme Court. She is a fighter, but not a very ethical one. She disregards specific-to-the-area plans the people and representatives took years to create and approve for the safety and well-being of Laramie County and city of Cheyenne residents.

I learned that she fought against the 2001 Roadless Rule that would have limited road construction/reconstruction and timber harvesting on 58+ million acres of inventoried roadless areas. Wyoming is underfunded for road maintenance on existing roadways, yet she fought for laying down more pavement in areas that should be left alone and not incur the detriments of even more poorly maintained roads.

I imagine how she would represent us on the national (and worldwide) level. Neither I nor George Hahn (see Mr. Hahn’s letter to the editor, Sept. 19) believe she is working for the safety, health and quality of life for Wyomingites.

Former President Trump is not always the best judge of character, so his support of Hageman means nothing to me other than that he probably does not know as much about her as he should.

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