I sit here tonight, as I have for at least the past 30 nights, listening to the constant barrage of fireworks. I wonder how much help all that wasted money could assist people in our community. You know, all the thousands of people who lost their job, can't afford to feed their families, can't pay their rent, could lose their homes and vehicles – everything they have worked for their whole lives because of this virus.

Have any of you thought about the fact we have a veterans hospital in our community? They have a special unit to treat veterans for PTSD, which they all got serving this country. I've been to this unit with my therapy dog and have visited with many of them. Have any of you thought what the fireworks do to them? I do. I trained a service dog for one of them. She helps him with his PTSD. But even with her help, he spends every beautiful summer evening locked in his basement so he can't hear the fireworks.

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