As millions of families struggle just to get by, our leaders in Congress are debating a bill that would take away food from people struggling to find work.

Believe me, I have been helping families and individuals that would be starving if it was not for SNAP (food stamps).

The House has drafted a Farm Bill that cuts at the heart of the food provisions for families and school-food programs for low-income children. Children can’t learn if they are hungry, and adults can’t work without nutrition.

Remember, Congress passed a $1.5 trillion tax cut for America’s wealthiest families just a few months ago; it is unconscionable that Congress would now take food off the table for our most vulnerable families and individuals. No one needs to add red tape to an already burdened process.

The House Farm Bill proposal is an attack on working families that needlessly increases hunger and jeopardizes the traditional bipartisan support needed to pass a farm bill for the security of both our farmers and our families.

Please, Senator Enzi and Senator Barrasso, will you oppose any Farm Bill that cuts, restructures or restricts SNAP?

Please call their local offices to let our senators know we support low-income families – Enzi at 307-772-2477, and Barrasso at 307-772-2451.

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