I support the Cheyenne firefighters, paramedics and EMTs assisting the Cheyenne-Laramie County Health Department with COVID-19 testing and vaccinations, as they are or can be qualified to do so in short order.

Soon, vaccines will be plentiful, and the Health Department will still be behind the ball due to lack of financial support by both governing bodies, who have seen to it that these departments have a large workload and a small amount of workers and financial support to protect the citizens of this county.

As is always the case, emergency workers know better than anyone how to overcome disaster as it is taking place. They don't sit around and give it lip service until it goes away like most government leaders. Leaders who cut their budgets and spend the money on their pet projects, like a parking structure to put their name on. A burden voted down by the public and sprang up anyway. Now it continues as a line item on the city budget that doesn't pay its way. If I don't pay my way, I go to jail ... how about you?

Public services work together to solve problems, while politicians argue about it and hope it goes away.

I encourage you, the citizens of this county, to contact the health department, the fire department and the governing bodies to fix this major problem with a little common sense. Help make vaccines available to the elderly who can't get out or those who find it difficult to get an appointment. Maybe they can get their smoke detector checked in the process.

I hope you good citizens can realize this opportunity and support this effort.

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