After many years of Republicans mocking us "libtards" and denying science for their own personal power trip, some are suggesting that I try to compromise with them and cooperate to get the “moderates” among that caucus elected.

What a wonderful idea!

In the spirit of cooperation and knowing how much the Wyoming GOP likes signing pledges, I offer one of my own. I will work to support any member of the Republican Party who will vow by wet signature to support the following three concrete plans:

1. Make voter registration available online and send absentee ballots to every registered voter automatically in every election, without the need to return a qualifying ID with the ballot.

2. Repeal the right-to-work law (aka, the employer’s right-to-fire law).

3. Approve Medicaid expansion and take it further, so that every Wyoming child has health insurance, regardless of parents’ income.

I am anxious to see what response I get. I doubt that I will have to do much campaigning for moderate Republicans.

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