Our governor wants us to be "two weeks ready" in case of an emergency. And, in the past two weeks, I have read the following in my Wyoming Tribune Eagle: "Deaths of 49 more people in Wyoming tied to coronavirus (1,347 total)," "Active coronavirus cases rise in Wyoming," "LCSD1 reports 61 positive COVID test results in a week," "78 active COVID-19 cases reported at WDOC facilities," "CRMC sees an 'unprecedented' patient surge," "Special session costs exceed $233,000," "Wyo. nursing home COVID rates highest in nation," "The contagious delta variant is driving up COVID-19 hospitalizations in the Mountain West," "Gordon signs bill supporting pushback on vaccine mandates."

So, if you get COVID, you should plan on having a couple weeks of groceries available, because you won't be able to go to the store or Walmart. You should have some emergency money put away, as you'll be off work for a couple weeks on quarantine. You should also have a couple weeks of Tylenol, ibuprofen, cough medicines and tissues because you may not feel well.

You might need a couple weeks of oxygen at home, so arrange to have somebody exchange the empty bottles for you. And if you get sicker and end up in the hospital, make sure you have a couple weeks of health insurance available (or several tens of thousands of dollars), as you don't want to stiff the hospital or other taxpayers for the bill.

And there's a possibility you could get really sick and end up in the ICU or on a ventilator. So, you should spend the next couple weeks talking with your lawyer to make sure your last will and testament, your durable power of attorney for health care and your final arrangements with your family are all up to date, as you have about a 50% chance of not making it out of the hospital alive.

So, Gov. Mark ("no more mandates") Gordon is correct: If you are NOT vaccinated and you don't wear a mask, and you don't social distance, then you should be 'two weeks ready.'

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