Last year, Congress took an important step to address the Alzheimer’s crisis in America by passing the BOLD (Building Our Largest Dementia) Infrastructure for Alzheimer’s Act with a strong bipartisan vote.

This critical law directs the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to strengthen the public health infrastructure across the country by establishing regional “Centers of Excellence” and implementing effective Alzheimer's interventions focused on public health issues, such as increasing early detection and diagnosis, reducing risk and preventing avoidable hospitalizations. These centers will help to gather and analyze data on cognitive decline and caregiving concerns.

As scientists continue to search for treatments for and prevention of Alzheimer’s disease, public health plays an important role in promoting cognitive function and reducing the risk of cognitive decline. It is critical that we invest in a nationwide Alzheimer’s public health response to help create population-level improvements, achieve a higher quality of life for those living with the disease and their caregivers, and reduce associated costs. It is imperative that there are multiple locations across the country so that individuals in need of these resources don’t need to travel thousands of miles to access them.

The BOLD Act authorizes the spending of $100 million over the next five years, but so far it has not been actually “funded.” Please write to Senator Enzi, Senator Barrasso and Representative Cheney to remind them to support the $20 million needed to fund this bill for fiscal year 2020.

Visit to get involved with the fight against Alzheimer’s. Please also consider signing up for The Walk To End Alzheimer’s, which will be held in Lions Park on Sept. 28 and share our vision of “A World Without Alzheimer’s.”

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