“To protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America from all enemies both foreign and domestic.” This is taken from the oath of office every federal office holder swears to when installed in office. Nowhere in that oath does it put an individual or party above the welfare of our nation.

It is sad that most politicians place their parties first and our country somewhere down their list. This year, the Republicans have taken the gold medal for stupidity, as they have placed a lying would-be dictator above all else. A few have taken their oaths seriously enough to speak out against these lies, and for this they have been rewarded with party sanctions and the loss of committee assignments by the Trumpers who run the party.

The lies and treasonous directions of His Highness Trump and those of his generals (Trump Jr., Giuliani, etc.) are what led to the attack on the Capitol, the loss of lives and damage that day. However, fed by lies, most of the Republicans refuse to allow an investigation. They even uphold the lie that it was a peaceful protest.

It is time to retake the party and our country. We must oust all those who preach lies and stand by those brave enough to speak out for truth.


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