Supporters of SF 97, SF 131 and HB 197: Women were once spoils of war!

Let that sink in for a few moments.

Just imagine how tired women are of being treated as inferiors and cavalierly dominated by males. On the verge of phenomenal technological explosions, the pendulum swings. Most apparent in the "Me Too" movement, women are speaking up and taking exploitation no more! It’s really quite simple, guys. If you wouldn’t do it with a man, whatever it may be, don’t do it with a woman either!

Now, abortion has probably been around almost as long as womankind itself. Do you really think you can and will stop it?!

Fighting to deny half the population personal autonomy is clearly futile. The 18th and 21st amendments on prohibition confirm such folly. Bids to impede choice or limit options are wrong and rightly taken as merely transparent, self-righteous attempts at CONTROL. You may take a stand, but you cannot CHOOSE for nary another soul.

Your hypocrisy galls. To how many abandoned children have you given foster care? How many nights have you spent with a toddler in an emergency room without insurance? How many pairs of shoes have you bought and distributed to needy middle schoolers? How much tuition contributed to even one high school grad? Don’t kid yourself. You are NOT pro-life. You’re merely PRO-BIRTH!

Legislators ought to just get out of exam rooms and leave doctoring to doctors! You who oppose reproductive justice need to let this go and commit instead to tackling any of the numerous real challenges plaguing our nation. Understand and accept that women today will not be pushed backward.

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