Have you ever visited the offices of Medicaid in Cheyenne? Well, come with me on a little jaunt.

I’m 89 years old, somewhat handicapped and use a walker. And I’m highly in need of oxygen 24/7. It is time to renew my Medicaid insurance. Since I’m worried about mail getting there in time, I’ll just deliver it. Sounds simple – Jonah Building at 3001 E. Pershing, Suite 125.

I walk into a darkened building, an empty reception desk, no sign of a human being anywhere. I take a long hallway straight ahead, pushing my walker ahead of me and already panting. I arrive at the end of what looks like a two-block walk, and I’ve reached a “T” in the road – and still not a single human.

I start down a hall to the right and decide to turn around. Back at the “T,” in the hall to the left are two swinging doors. Finally, I see a gentleman, who asks if I need help. Of course, I need help. I can hardly breathe, and I’m about to cry. I ask where the Medicaid office is, and he points to the doors and tells me to walk to the end of the hall, where there is another “T,” and be sure and take the hall to the left.

He’s gone, and I stagger onward. Halfway down another long hall, I am crying and I want to sit down, but there isn’t anything in the empty halls. I finally reach the “T” and turn left, looking down another long hallway, which eventually will lead to the front of the building.

I finally find another real person, who points down the hall and directs me to an office door with lights on in the office – the first I’ve seen occupied. Signs everywhere there telling me to put my papers in the white envelope and place it in the lock box. I did so quickly and wanted out of that place. Just a few feet ahead of me was AN EXIT DOOR. I could get out, but not in again.

Next time, I’ll mail my paperwork.

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