I am a retired engineer and physician, so I took a lot of STEM classes in my four years of high school and eight years of college. Those STEM classes taught me to be a human computer. But they didn’t teach me to be a human being. That’s what the arts and humanities classes are for.

The arts are the glue that holds the human race together. They teach us to interact with others, and they provide us with many of the joys of everyday life. Music, drama and art are the means for us to express ourselves and give of our talents for others to enjoy. Basically, they are pathways for us to show our love for others.

The COVID-19 pandemic separated us from our families, friends, co-workers and neighbors. Let us not do even more damage to interpersonal relationships by canceling the arts from our schools, as the Cody school district has planned.

I ask, no, I beg the Legislature to provide funding for our schools at all costs. Our future depends on the students in the schools, and they cannot be well-rounded human beings without learning art, music, drama and physical education.

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