The cutting begins.

The announcement by Laramie County School District 1 of the termination of school sports in elementary schools may sound pretty innocuous to some. Big deal. Kids will just have to find another outlet for flag football and basketball.

However, if this is a sign of things to come, watch out. One of the selling points about Cheyenne and Wyoming has been the strong and well-supported public school system, including athletics and other activities that are not simply academic. Music, theater, shop and other offerings are near and dear to the heart of a lot of students. In fact, those extra things were the reasons our sons remained interested in school. I want my grandchildren to have the same opportunities.

The school district had to cut funding because our state Legislature has refused to enact fiscally responsible laws that would raise the revenue that is needed. Yes, that means you and I need to pay more in tax. Be it property, sales or, yes, even on income.

No one wants more tax, but we have to do it unless we want our schools and other public services to fall into despair.

It is long past time to get this done. If we slowly cut away at the best of what our public schools offer, then we lose that advantage, as well. Just what do we use as selling points to families that want to call Wyoming home?

Let's keep Wyoming strong. Let's stop pandering to the "no tax ever" crowd. They are leading us to a dark place. It is up to us to change it.

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