Cheyenne residents, let's all band together to help the Gifford family through this very challenging time.

In the Sunday, July 7 WTE, reporter Chrissy Suttles told us once again about Chad and Heather Gifford, who lost everything in a tornado in May 2018. Today, more than one year later, they are still displaced from their home and living in a hotel with Chad’s father Jack and their two dogs, Bo and River.

I hear and read about so many nice things that Cheyenne residents do for one another – paying for meals, turning in lost wallets and helping strangers who experienced car trouble. The Giffords are a family that live here, and who need our support and help.

While I don't have a trailer or apartment to lend them, I am going to take a check to the TownPlace Suites by Marriott today in the hope that my donation can help them get back on their feet. You can also support them by donating through their GoFundMe page (

Please consider one less lunch out, one less trip to the mall or one less morning coffee, and join me in support of Chad and Heather Gifford and their family. Every dollar will help. If you have a room in your home, an apartment or a RV that you can lend, please consider this, too. This type of disaster could happen to any of us, and one of the best things about Cheyenne is that we are there for one another.

Thank you, too, WTE reporter Chrissy Suttles, and everyone at the WTE for sharing this story. This is a great example of the value the WTE brings to our community.

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