It was 43 years ago that the Supreme Court ruling known as Roe vs. Wade opened a nationwide flood gate of emotions.

As a longtime community organizer, I’ve had a front row seat to the growth of this subject both nationwide and locally. As it grew in prominence, both sides continue to participate in an ever-increasing number of heated, even violent actions over this issue.

Abortion is no longer just an opinion. Today, your view on the subject has become a litmus test of your character. The evolution of both the pro-life and the right-to-choose movements is a divisive subject. I can think of no better example than the looming 2020 presidential election.

While President Donald Trump has been very guarded in making pro-life his top “hot button” for rallying support for his candidacy, he has been courting those states with a strong pro-life position. Behind the scenes, a diligent President Trump has been aligning himself with those Christian denominations that support the pro-life agenda.

Other than Joe Biden, the Democratic Party has no candidate rising to the surface. While Biden is certainly qualified, he lacks the passion that President Trump demonstrates. The potential result: escalated divisiveness.

What to do, what to do? After reading Jonathan Lange’s editorial (June 21) about abortion, as well as the many letters to the editor supporting his position, I need to remind myself of my personal mantra: DO AWAY WITH ABORTION! Grandiose, idealistic, impossible? Perhaps, but give me a moment, using the analogy of the civil rights movement and the once common usage of the N-word.

Through education, advocacy and patience, this word has almost reached extinction. Why not a similar effort to put the word "abortion" to rest?

How? Beginning at the local level, let’s bring the pro-life and the pro-choice people together to discuss how women contemplating abortion can experience love without boundaries, acceptance without judgement, and support of community members committed to ensuring that both the mother and the life she carries have a preferable option.

As John Lennon wrote in “Imagine,” it's not has hard as you imagine.

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